Can I apply for Medicaid

Can I apply for Medicaid for my parents ?

You can always start the application process for a parent by contacting the social service agency in your state that is responsible for Medicaid applications.  If possible applications for Medicaid should be a joint process with your parent.  You should explain why an application for Medicaid is important for your parent's well being, and ask for their help in completing it.  Your parent must sign the application.  If they are unable to, they can make a mark on the signature line.  This has to be witnessed. 

Many attorneys advise their elderly clients to have a power of attorney prepared giving a child authority to pursue a Medicaid application in the event of a parent's incapacity.  In cases where a parent's mental judgment is clouded, it may be necessary to be appointed as conservator to apply for Medicaid.  MedicaidMadeEasy!Com can offer advice to specific questions concerning the best way to undertake an application for your parent.