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With over 40 years of Medicaid Application Experience, Medicaid Made Easy offers unparalleled service to Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities and private individuals seeking assistance with the Medicaid Application and recertification process. 

Our experienced staff will guide you through the ever-changing Medicaid application and Recertification process. Our staff receives continuous training to keep up with the most up to date changes affecting the Medicaid process.

Our expertise and experience will help Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facilities minimize write offs due to residents losing their Medicaid coverage. We also have a team of Patient Responsibility experts ready to assist facilities with making sense of claims short pay issues from insurance companies and getting you the claims money you are entitled to.

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We are reliable and fast. Time is very important when working on program eligibility. We ensure we do everything in our power to get things done timely. Medicaid Made Easy takes an in depth look at every clients needs so our staff can advise on the best approach to success. We have a great network of contacts with various agencies including Department of Children and Families which we offer for all our clients.


Medicaid Made Easy uses a multiple program approach.  We don't just stop with Medicaid, but look at what programs will help our clients and assist with applications or supply the information on how to apply for such programs.

We have an application placing process for various programs. When necessary, we can offer referrals for local lawyers who can help in advanced situations where legal steps need to be taken, such as establishing a trust.


Patient Responsibility Review. We review the patient responsibility for all clients. If something literally does not add up, we investigate and trouble shoot ways to resolve any issue.

We review all benefits awarded and explain them to our clients. It is important to know where you stand and to identify any opportunities for additional assistance that may still be out there.

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