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Medicaid Questions and Answers

  • If one parent is living in a nursing home, and the other at home, can the parent in the nursing home divert money to the other to cover bills at home while living in a facility?
    Yes. If this is the case, a special request can be made to DCF for something called “spousal diversion”. This will allow for some of the nursing home residents money to be of use to the spouse to cover bills.
  • If my family member is on SMMC-LTC Waiver, and lives in an Assisted Living Facility, does he/she get to keep any money for personal needs?
    Yes. $208.00 is the current amount allowed by the state for ALF members on the waiver program to keep towards these expenses.
  • What is Patient Responsibility?
    Patient Responsibility someone on a Medicaid Waiver, ICP Medicaid, or Hospice Medicaid program who has an out of pocket obligation determined by DCF, to pay for their services. Even being on Medicaid can require a recipient to have out of pocket obligation based on a calculation of income vs. expenses.
  • Once DCF determines a patient responsibility that seems to be too high or low, is there a way to have it checked to see if it is correct?
    Yes. There is a simple calculation that DCF uses to calculate patient responsibility, which our staff at Medicaid Made Easy is well versed on.
  • If patient responsibility does appear to be wrong, is there any way to have it corrected?
    Yes. The advantage for Medicaid Made Easy staff, is they have a great relationship with DCF, and can easily catch their attention and have the Patient Responsibility corrected.
  • If nothing has changed, does Medicaid have to be applied for each year?
    Yes. It is a requirement for all Medicaid programs to be reapplied for annually to maintain eligibility.
  • Can I apply for food stamps if I live in an Assisted Living Facility?
    Yes and No. Yes, DCF allows all applications to be placed. No, you would not be eligible because of the placement type.
  • If you are eligible for Medicaid, doesn’t that mean you are automatically eligible for SNAP (aka Food Stamps)?
    No. SNAP (aka Food Stamps) has different income guidelines than the Medicaid programs. Each has its own eligibility criteria. You may or may not be eligible for both.
  • Is there any easy way to reach DCF? I call and never seem to get anywhere.
    This is another advantage of Medicaid Made Easy. Most of our staff are former DCF workers, who have great relationships with the agency. Luckily that makes it a lot easier to get our clients the answers they desperately need in a speedy manner.
  • Once Medicaid is denied, even if everything that was requested was sent, is there anyway to fight the decision?
    Yes. Our staff at Medicaid Made Easy is well versed in the DCF fair hearing process. We will gather evidence and proof, and make sure everything is ready for favorable outcome for our clients. Let us do the work for you!
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